The man who founded a Taekwondo club for young people in Edgware fears it could be forced to close after nearly 30 years.

Lindsay Lawrence founded his Taekwondo club in 1984 in the hall of Stag Lane Infant School, in Collier Drive, in part because his own children used to go there.

Since then, he has taught generations of teenagers, but has had to break the news to parents and pupils he may have to stop or move elsewhere.

Until recently, bookings for the school hall were dealt with by Harrow Borough Council, but responsibility has now been taken on by the school, which says it cannot afford to continue host the classes.

Mother-of-two Bhumika Pindoria, whose sons attend the club, said: “Myself and all the other parents are very disappointed the club will have to leave the school.

“All the children are really upset at the thought they might not be able to come back and keep training.

“Since my children have been going to the classes I have seen such a positive change in them. They have more self confidence and self control and really enjoy themselves.

“The club has been part of the community and it will be really sad to see it go after all these years.”

Mr Lawrence said: “This was where I opened my first school because my children used to come here and I am very very sad that I am going to have to leave.

“I’ve had a couple of generations of families from the area train with me and all the students go to the school.

“We’re a local club. All the children live within walking distance and I feel we are part of the community.

“I have trained there for many many years and it is a shame to have to leave. We are looking to find somewhere else but it will mean the children will have to travel to come which will be hard for some of them.”

A spokesman for the school said: "Following an ongoing dialogue with Lindsay Lawrence Taekwondo starting in December 2012, the schools decided, with the full support of the governing body, that they were unable to continue with the present arrangements on school premises beyond the life of the current contract, which concludes at the end of the summer term.

“The schools passed on this decision verbally to Lindsay Lawrence Taekwondo in January 2013.

“There is a cost implication to the schools in terms of the additional staffing, cleaning and heating expenses which are incurred by the schools to accommodate Lindsay Lawrence Taekwondo."