Well-behaved pooches and their thoughtful owners were rewarded during a special dog training awards ceremony in Bush Hill Park.

The awards marked the end of a six-week course aimed at teaching people how to gain better control of their dogs while walking through Enfield’s parks.

Enfield Borough Council’s dog education and enforcement officer Simon Woodward led the pet-friendly classes which aimed to teach dog-lovers issues surrounding the law, control and dog behaviour.

Councillor Chris Bond, who handed out the awards at the end of the training on Wednesday, said: “Many residents who enjoy our open spaces complain about the number of people who bring dogs into our parks which are clearly not under proper control. When these dogs are bigger and more aggressive breeds the problem becomes far worse.

“This training aims to show just how important it is to have your dog under control, and your legal responsibilities when you own a dog, and have it running free in a public place where children, other dogs and members of the public could be frightened or hurt if your dog does not behave.”

The Parks Dog Project was paid for by a grant from the council reserved for Friends of Parks groups.

Maria Tolly, chair of the Friends of Bush Hill Park, said: “We were delighted to get involved with this scheme as one of the main concerns that many people have in parks is out of control dogs.

“We look forward to seeing more dog control sessions like this being run in Enfield's parks.”