Harrow Borough Council has installed 90 new computers across its libraries.

The authority says the new machines are part of the next phase of improvements responding to residents' ideas.

The first round of upgrades included putting in self-service machines and moving Hatch End Library to the Harrow Arts Centre.

In March the Harrow Times reported that Gayton Library had lost 17 of its 18 machines in the past year and the council was accused of letting down the “poorest members of society”.

However, according to the council, a recent Public Library User Survey showed 85 per cent of people are happy with the service overall and 71 per cent are pleased with the choice of books.

Another 86 per cent are satisfied with the level of customer service.

Later this year the council hopes to introduce free Wi-Fi for library users and work with other London authorities to enable residents to use their library cards across London.