A FAMILY walking along the Thames were astonished to spot a seal in the water this week.

Nicola White, 44, was walking along with her eight-year-old daughter Grace on January 27 at high tide when they saw the creature off Morden Wharf, Greenwich.

She said: "It seemed quite curious and tame actually, coming right up to the side and looking up at us."

The family then looked on as it ducked under water and popped up again with a fish.

Ms White, of Shooter's Hill, said: "We've never seen one so close into London before."

Though known to visit the Thames estuary, marine mammals are still a surprising sight.

However, wildlife experts claim an increase in the number and variety of fish to be found in London's waters is now making the appearance of seals, porpoises and dolphins more common.

  • A baby seal was spotted on the banks of the Thames at Kingston last year, caught on video here: