INTERMEDIATE care beds could be one of the services brought in to Beckenham Beacon hospital after South London Healthcare Trust (SLHT) moves its services out next year, it has been revealed.

The revelation came at a residents’ association open forum where a Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group (BCCG) director was questioned about the trust administrator’s report.

In the report Matthew Kershaw says SLHT could save £1.7m a year if it withdraws its outpatient and diagnostic services from the hospital in Croydon Road, Beckenham.

This has led to people in the area fearing the hospital is set for closure but speaking at the joint meeting of the West Beckenham and Copers Cope residents associations BCCG director Meredith Collins says this is not the case.

He says when SLHT pulls out of the hospital it will leave about 45 per cent of the building empty and the BCCG is determined to fill the space.

Mr Collins said: “The intention is to increase the services that are run through Beckenham Beacon and make it the hub of community based services.

“If we feel it’s right to have the service in the community then we will commission to make it happen.”

And he did not rule out bringing in intermediate care beds.

He told the meeting: “We are looking to rebalance the service and there is still a question mark over where the beds could be.

“I’m not going to say Beckenham Beacon is the right place but it is a possibility.”

At the meeting the area’s MPs and councillors pledged they would make sure the BCCG stays true to its word.

Beckenham MP Bob Stewart said: “We are going to fight like hell to make sure we get the best we can from the hospital.

“Let’s see if we can get the same sort of services that we get now but let’s make it gold standard.”

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