AFTER seeing his cat dead in the jaws of an Alsatian a pet owner is fuming after being told the police can take no action against the dog’s owner.

James Zammit heard barking coming from his garden in Bromley Common and when he went outside he saw two big Alsatians.

He says one of them had his 10-year-old moggy Sock in its mouth.

Mr Zammit said: “The cat was dead and they were still mauling it and I threw a plank of wood at them to stop them.

“I saw the owner of the dogs and I told him what I thought of him and I phoned the police and they said it is a private matter.

“I’m fuming and what has really annoyed me is the police saying I’ll have to take civil action.”

He added: “I have got two cats but whether it is one cat or 10 cats, they are still my pets.

“I cannot replace a cat like that because it is part of the family.

“He was my pet since he was a kitten.”

The 73-year-old is now planning to take civil action against the owner of the dogs.

A police spokesman said: “We were called on November 7 at 12.35pm by a man advising us that two Alsatians had entered his garden and killed his cat before running off.

"Unfortunately, as the incident occurred in a private premises, this is not covered by criminal law relating to dangerous dogs.

“It is important however to remember that victims can seek redress through the civil courts.

“This was obviously a very upsetting incident and we would remind dog owners of their responsibilities to control their animals.

“It is not right that other peoples loved pets are being killed in this way."