Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man and their pals from the Avengers are all on their way to Greenwich in September for a series of adrenaline-pumping Marvel Universe Live show at The O2.

Ahead of their arrival on September 15 we looked at seven super heroes who have previously touched down in south east London and north Kent.


Asgard’s mythical hero has quite the connection with Greenwich, it turns out. Currently his iconic hammer Mjolnir is in situ at the old Millennium Dome awaiting his arrival. And it’s pretty tricky to shift it, since only the worthy are capable of lifting the weapon.

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Of course, fans of Marvel’s movies will be all too aware of the destruction that befell the Old Royal Naval College and National Maritime Museum in the climax to 2013’s Thor 2: The Dark World.

Captain America

Thor’s ally in the Avengers made a visit to Brockley in 2014…or was it 1945? In a vision brought on by Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age of Ultron, super soldier Steve Rogers goes back to 1945 to dance with Peggy Carter at what appear to be VE Day celebrations, which were filmed at Rivoli Ballroom.

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man

OK so it’s not based on a comic book but the Sky 1 series Lucky Man, which screened in January, was dreamt up by Stan Lee – the iconic creator of Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man, Thor and plenty of others. Set in London, it starred James Nesbitt as a Londoner with the super power of good luck. Again, the Rivoli was among the filming locations this time doubling as a pole dancing club.

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DC Comics’ iconic caped crusader is no stranger to these shores thanks to Londoner Christopher Nolan, who is responsible for directing his best film outings.

Much like the Dark Knight’s relationship to Gotham City in the daytime, Christian Bale’s version of the character was only ever spotted fleetingly around the outskirts of News Shopperland.

In fact, he usually kept a slim stretch of water between us and him. Batman Begins (2005) used locations close to Greenwich, in Canary Wharf, for restaurant scenes where Bruce Wayne misbehaves while just over the water from Gravesend, in Tilbury, scenes were filmed doubling for a prison and Gotham docks.

The Garrick Theatre in Charing Cross Road is the opera house where young Bruce Wayne gets the chills before stumbling onto the streets with his parents and bumping into Joe Chill.

Over on the other side of the News Shopper patch, Delta Point in Croydon doubled up for Gotham City in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises while Battersea Power Station was used for filming the derelict power station where Batman’s love interest Rachel is held in The Dark Knight.

Of course, all of this is forgetting the mysterious Bromley Batman, a real-life vigilante (who would actually prefer to be known as The Shadow) who saved a man from muggers, among other exploits.

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Another non-Marvel, non-DC creation but for a British audience it probably rings more true. In Rob Drever’s 2015 comedy co-starring Catherine Tate, postman Bob is struck in an asteroid shower in Peckham that leaves him with Superman-like powers. Only he doesn’t get to do the cool vigilante thing, he’s trained and employed by the Government as a civil servant to save the world when and as they say so. Except on Tuesdays. He gets Tuesdays off.

Iron Man 3

Iron Man may not touch down in the capital himself in the movie, but Ben Kingsley’s bad guy the Mandarin (I know, but I’m not going to spoil it) was once ‘the toast of Croydon’. So that’s something.

Wonder Woman

Finally the world is getting a Wonder Woman movie next year and, satisfyingly, much of it is made in Britain. Starring Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, First World War time scenes were shot in Kent on the banks of the river Medway last year, as well as across the water from Gravesend at Tilbury docks. Trafalgar Square was also closed off for what appeared to be Armistice celebrations to be filmed.

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