Earlier in the week, three legendary actors were spotted filming scenes for an upcoming blockbuster based on one of Britain's most famous crimes.

Those actors were none other than Jim Broadbent, Michael Caine and Ray Winstone – and the film is based the Hatton Garden robbery.

A high-security Hatton Garden vault was drilled into and £20m worth of gold and jewels were taken.

Carried out by Dartford’s Brian Reader – also known as ‘The Master’, the heist is now about to be turned into a thriller – here is everything we know about it.

What is it about?

According to the British Film Council, the film’s synopsis is: “the film tells the story of the epic multi-million-pound robbery initially believed to be undertaken by a gang of super-thieves.

“The actual perpetrators were a group of tough-guy retired criminals in their late 60s and 70s — with all kinds of physical maladies — who were mostly unoccupied and bored, until they consulted a bunch of how-to books and figured out a way to pull off one last hurrah over a long weekend in April 2015.

What is it called?

It is titled ‘Night In Hatton Garden’

Who’s Brian Reader, and who is playing him?

Reader, of Dartford Road in Dartford, is cited as the brains behind the heist. He was jailed for six years and three months at Woolwich Crown Court in March last year. Sir Michael Caine. Caine, 84, will play him on the big screen.

Who else is starring in it?

Reader and his six accomplices have already been portrayed in a film starring Larry Lamb, but it is hoped the new flick will get better reviews than The Hatton Garden Job did.

This film stars Caine alongside Ray Winstone, Jim Broadbent, Tom Courtenay, Francesca Annis and Michael Gambon.

Where are they filming?

The stars have been spotted filming in Twickenham and Margate

When is it out?

Pre-production started in May and the film should be out in 2018.