“Make sure you hit the apex” is not something you normally expect to hear when driving a Ford Fiesta.

But when you’re throwing one around Brands Hatch courtesy of Bristol Street Motors in Orpington it makes perfect sense.

This Is Local London: Bristol Street Motors

New and used car sales manager Sam Perfect accompanies me in the 1.5 Duratorq TDCi model for the first few laps and keeps his cool admirably as we weave randomly across the tarmac.

A spin in the 1.0 EcoBoost version is much tidier however as I start to stretch the new motor a bit thanks to some handy co-driver instruction.

I am even advised to “floor it” at one point - all part of the service on this special track day, which turns your bog-standard test drive into more of a test race.

OK, so Lewis Hamilton might scoff at being limited to 70mph with chicanes made of cones on both straights, but even he wouldn’t turn his nose up at limitless free tea and biscuits.

This Is Local London: Britsol Street Motors

So next time you are thinking of buying a car, ask yourself how it grips round a sharp right-hander and if you come to the Bristol Street bunch, they might even let you find out.

Bristol Street Motors…go further!