The old Theatre at Alexandra Palace is back in use but not only for theatre... 

Opening in 1875, the Theatre was somewhat of a spectacle, hosting performances of drama, pantomime, ballet and opera to audiences consisting of up to 3,000 people. It also was home to very advanced stage machinery for the era, allowing performers to fly in the air. 

Despite this they struggled to compete with the grand West End productions for audience attention and after briefly being a BBC workshop, was shut off. 

For 80 years this national treasure was hidden from the public eye and began to decay in its neglect.  

Fortunately, in 2016, a restoration project was put in place, reviving the Theatre to its original wonder but also giving it the capacity to host modern productions.  

But it is not limited to theatrical performances, and there are a variety of events, including concerts. 

On the 11th of April, Nitin Sawhney took to the stage of the Theatre for the incredible final act of his Identity tour. Grasping the audience with his blend of sounds including aspects of flamenco, Indian classical music, powerful voices, orchestral elements and hypnotic beats.  

Prior to his show he admitted to having a heart attack two weeks earlier, conveying his true dedication to his art and making the performance all that more impactful. 

This ultimately encapsulates the significance behind the Theatre with its resilience against hard times to still be a place where artistic expression is free to take reign.