At TGS, our annual RAG week always has tons of exciting fundraising events, though this year might be my favourite!


Like we have been for the last few years, we are fundraising for our partner school, the Chewaa School in Nepal, to ensure that all children can have a good education - by organising many events, sales and games throughout the week, ending with a non-uniform day where we wear something that reflects our culture!


Every day this week, we have had unique events, the occasional Krispy Kreme sale, an exciting raffle with great prizes, and bracelets, badges and - of course - sweets being sold at every opportunity.


On Monday, we had an exhilarating benchball match between members of staff and sixth form students, where the teachers beat out the students 3-1, followed by a delicious selection of baked goods available for sale from the great TGS Bake Off that was judged earlier that morning.


On Tuesday, we had a few teachers participating in a University Challenge - a TGS RAG week tradition where teachers who went to opposing universities compete to answer questions and complete challenges to prove that their team is superior!


The next two days, we had a few musical based events - a cultural disco introduced this year and a staff Just Dance, where they dance and compete in front of a panel of judges.


Our RAG week ends with an epic cultural mufti day, with an international food stall and talent show featuring over 70 students from all years performing a wide range of acts, cultural or otherwise. Everyone is invited to wear some piece of clothing that reflects their culture for a £1 donation - all contributing towards our partner school in Nepal!