Cadbury World  - Chocolate day out 

Upon arrival, you'll notice a building resembling the Willy Wonka chocolate factory and you will be engulfed in chocolate air.

A bag of goodies is included in the entry fee, which is excellent value for money and it's never too early to have chocolate for breakfast!

Cadbury World provides a tour that explores the history of the coco bean, featuring a chocolate town and factory where various chocolates are manufactured. Visitors can sample chocolate along the way, think jelly babies and marshmallows covered in melted chocolate and try tempering chocolate but be careful as the chocolate goes everywhere. The end of the tour brings you to a miniature train trip that is well suited for 5s and under.

Don’t forget to visit the amazing shop, where you'll discover lots of interesting and typical chocolate to buy, such as dark chocolate buttons or even a chocolate tea-pot, and remember to stock up on delectable hot chocolate.

If you plan ahead, at the Cadbury café you can prebook a magical dining experience. You will be joined by Cadbury characters and enjoy an afternoon tea with a delightful chocolate twist.

The finale is showcased via a wobbly elevator to the 4D cinema, offering an immersive animation roller-coaster experience, featuring beloved childhood chocolate characters.

This is a great family day out, and if you live nearby you can indulge in season tickets and take in the chocolate therapy whenever you like.