The opportunity to have nutritious food that tastes good at the price of a McDonald's Big Mac is not very common. Recently, our high streets have been filled with fast food, all providing meals for a nice, low price, but how many healthy alternatives are there? 

Just last week, Townley Grammar paired up with Future Foundation's CanTeam, whose goal is to promote sustainable eating practices. Nearly entirely run and organised by a diligent team of 25 Townley students, we were able to feed over 100 people meals full of nutrients yet very tasty. 

Having only ten days to set up, organise, promote and run the event, it was a task that only seemed possible once done. Done in co-operation with Made in Hackney, a fully vegan caterer, cooking school and charity, who provided us with all the meals and desserts. At the event, the menu chosen by us was an option between stir-fried vegetables with rice, or spaghetti bolognese, both of which I found very nice. To top it off, the dessert was sponge with berry sauce, and everyone was in unanimous agreement of how nice it tasted!

The event consisted of many performances, some piano but mostly singing from some year sevens. Between the meal and dessert, everyone partook in a general quiz event, making teams at each table and writing down answers that got marked. In the end, a tiebreaker between 4 teams had to take place, and prizes were given out to the winners. 

In my opinion, for the very first event that CanTeam has held here at Townley, it was a big success. It was only possible due to the efforts of the students, CanTeam staff and Made in Hackney, who worked hard throughout the short deadline to bring a good experience to everyone who attended. Hopefully, Townley has many more of these events to come!