A journey through the Ferrari Museum in Maranello 


Maranello is a town known worldwide as the home of Ferrari and the Formula 1 racing team, Scuderia Ferrari. There you can visit the famous Ferrari Museum.


Supercars- The evolution of uniqueness 


The exhibition shows an amazing array of Ferrari cars. These cars are all limited series and the product of Enzo Ferrari’s personal philosophy of aiming to make every new model the best car of its day. The result is that each new, more advanced addition is the embodiment of genuinely leading-edge research, setting the benchmark for all cars worldwide.  



Ferrari F40 

This car was originally planned to be limited to 400 units, but a total of 1,311 Ferrari F40 models were produced.


Ferrari F50 

The Ferrari F50 was only ever built as a limited-edition model, 349 being manufactured by the time production ceased in 1997, all of which were left-hand drive when they left the factory. The F50 is a single seater disguised as a GT. For the first time, the engine, derived from the 1990 single-seater, was fixed directly to the monocoque chassis, with load bearing functions for the transmission and rear suspension, as in the Formula 1 single-seaters of that period.


Ferrari Enzo 

Joining their exclusive ranks in 2002 was the Enzo Ferrari, a superb car of which just 399 were built.


La Ferrari 

Only 499 units were produced, and each cost more than 1 million Euros. The La Ferrari was original down to its name, which sought to represent the quintessence of Ferrari. Not a Ferrari, but 'The' Ferrari, it encapsulates everything the Company represented in those years and was a sign of its future direction.


This is uniquely special as it is a completely one-off commission. A track-focused yet elegant state-of-the-art supercar born from the penmanship of Ferrari’s Centro Stile, led by Flavio Manzoni, and one very imaginative, passionate and exacting customer. his latest creation from the Special Projects programme is as innovative as it is striking and has been commissioned by one of the prancing horse’s most dedicated collectors.


Ferrari FXX-K EVO

This Ferrari’s research and development vehicle based on the brands first hybrid sports car, The La Ferrari. The FXX-K is not intended to be used on streets, only in track conditions. Only forty cars were built.