Parmiter’s School students have been tirelessly engaging in a riveting creative project and process to create and perform an original two person play, to showcase at the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. With primary creative input by Elliot Bull and help from Isla Savern.


They began with drafting a concept, a play based on the modern approach to dating with a dark and comedic twist (including stalkerish behaviours)! When speaking to Elliot, he commented “we worked through the innovative process, with improvising scenes and comedic elements, then deciding which were best to weave into the plot to provide the most engaging and surprising plot line - that will be sure to keep the audience thrilled throughout!”. The Garston-based school is said to provide a myriad of opportunities for their students, especially related to the art sector, disencouraging misconceptions of said sector.


Their processes are commonly used throughout the industry of theatre, beginning with initial ideas, creating a frame of various different scenes that are experimented with and taken through a vigorous process of editing, creating the clearest and most appealing storyline that will attract the many thousands that attend the Edinburgh Fringe festival every year.

They have achieved in successfully finding an interesting venue, that provides both lighting and sound to create the most innovative and interesting piece of theatre. The crowds will flock to the famous Mile in the heart of spectacular Edinburgh, finding the venue and hopefully viewing to their hearts’ content. Please come along, watch and enjoy this show!