Fast cars, expensive champagne, travelling the world, unexpected twists, high speed crashes and the smell of burning rubber. Those are just a few of the things that make formula one so invigoratingly exciting and just a few reasons it entraps the admiration and awe of many fans.

Whether you are a huge fan (like myself), enjoy the occasional race, or have never even seen a race you can still appreciate the work that these drivers put into their careers; the passion they have rubs off on you until you have no choice but to respect all they have done.

All of these formula one drivers hopped behind the wheel at an age where we common folk were learning about multiplications, fractions and reading Goldilocks and the three bears. They truly commit their lives for this sport by karting from childhood. It becomes an integral part of who they are.

They put their bodies through gruelling exercises to stay fit and keep their bodies at the optimal weight for a formula one car: under 80kg. Exercising their necks to the point where they can support well over 30kg to counteract the G-force on them (so if you ever wondered why all f1 drivers have huge necks- or even if you didn’t- that’s why). They also train their reflexes to superhuman levels. They become one with the car.

The season has started up again and with that brought along some shocks. For example who would have expected both the Red Bulls to retire with a few laps left in the very first Grand Prix of the season in Bahrain, causing a disappointing start for the usual front of the grid team forcing them to start with no points and leaving behind a very angry Max Verstrappen (Red Bull driver).

Another shock was definitely Sergio Perez (Red Bull driver) getting his first pole position of his career in the second Grand Prix of the season in Saudi Arabia, also becoming the first Mexican racer in F1 history to get pole. Yay!

Who would have expected Mercedes struggling to keep up with its usual competitors, or Ferrari's impossibly impressive comeback.

All these happenings put you on the edge of your seat when they’re happening in real time; the worry, passion, loyalty you feel coursing through you when things go wrong, or when things go very right. It makes it all worth it.

It’s also just impressive as hell to see drivers zoom around at 200mph while expertly manoeuvring a giant hunk of metal and simultaneously defending positions or trying to get ahead of the other, like Max Verstrappen (Red Bull driver) and Charles Leclerc (Ferrari driver) in Saudi Arabia battling it out for first place with only a few laps to go.

Those are just a few of the things to happen so far! It’s safe to say that this season has started off with some surprises and I believe that it’s only the beginning. Formula one is so much more than fast cars going around in circles.

Let's see what 2022 brings.