David Orobosa Omoregie, the South London rapper whom most recognize as Dave or Santan Dave, has been on a winning streak of success in the eyes of the UK scene and his growing global audience.

The rollout of Dave’s latest album “We’re all alone in this together” has been a phenomenal ride, one which all his fans have taken great pride and gratitude in as they have watched their hero grow into the legend he is today, and the legend who is consistently pushing for more.

On the 8th of February, The Brit awards took place, and they certainly had a trump card safe and stored for the end of the show, as Dave and his crew of stars were lined up to be the main surprise line-up of the evening, performing from his latest album none other than his song “In the Fire”, featuring Fredo, Meekz, Giggs, and Ghetts. The surprise? He brought them all out on stage to perform with him, each of them spitting their own individual, uninterrupted verses. Dave also brought out a full choir and along with it a guitar spitting fire; he literally had a guitar which spewed flames from one end to another, along with another guitarist who spewed flames into the air in the same direction.

The same night, Dave had just won the award for Best Hip Hop, Grime and Rap Artist of the year, already setting him up momentously for the best performance of the night, and arguably one of the best live performances of all time. However, this was certainly not Dave’s first experience at the Brits, as his vivid 2020 performance of his song “Black” was raw, visceral and simply pure emotion spouting from every inch of the stage. Dave had used this performance to highlight many ongoing social issues in the UK and to call out the Prime Minister with his bars “It is racist, whether or not it feels racist / The truth is our prime minister’s a real racist / They say – ‘you should be grateful, we’re the least racist’ / I say the least racist is still racist.” 

Dave is known to hit people right in the chest with the sound of his music and the truth, passion and authenticity of his lyrics. For many, this performance was a significant cultural climax as it showed to the world just how loud the voices of talented UK youth can get and a sign for how much louder they are going to get. As of now, Dave is seen by the UK youth as a hero and a leader, as the world follows as he paves the way for more and more talented artists from the UK to shine.