From cabbage patch kids to cabbage patch professionals, the Cabbage Patch 10 is a long standing local treasure. Founded in 1982, the 10 mile race through some of Twickenham and Richmond’s scenic paths attracts countless runners each year competing for the prize of up to £1000, local prestige and a humble cabbage.


The race itself is heralded as one of the flattest and consequently fastest 10 mile races, hand-railing local roads and crossing the river at Kingston Bridge and Richmond Bridge, leading into a picturesque home stretch into the drive of York House Civic Building in Twickenham. In recent years the race has been consistently booked out by amateur and professional athletes alike. Winners in both mens and womens categories receive a cash prize and a cabbage in homage to the Cabbage Patch Pub, where prizes are awarded following the race. 


The race was originally founded by Frank Dupree and Malcolm Ellis, members of the Straggler’s running club, with the latter being one of the founding members. As well as his athletic ability, Dupree was landlord of the Cabbage Patch Pub. It was here that the idea for the race was born: an event for runners of all levels, competing for the coveted vegetable prize of a cabbage. The charmingly named establishment remains as the race headquarters to this day, with the event's founding pair remaining as avid supporters.


This year the race took place on the 17th October, with Paulos Surafel of Thames Valley Harriers walking away with the prize leafstalk and a time of 00:48:43 in the All Men category. He was accompanied in local glory by City of Norwich AC’s Sarah Astin, who took the All Women category with a time of 00:57:09. 


Whilst next year's dates are unconfirmed, the running community eagerly awaits the day of the Cabbage Patch 10, 2022.