Whether you like it or not, Christmas is coming and with it festive music being blasted in every radio or shop. Whilst all hope may seem lost, there is still a fun task for those brave enough to willing to try their fate: Whamageddon.

The aim of the game is simple: from December 1st up until the midnight of Christmas Eve, go about your life without hearing Last Christmas by Wham. If you don't think that you can go about enjoying advent without your favourite Christmas song, worry not! All remixes and covers of the song are permitted to be listened to.

You lose the game as soon as you recognise the song playing, after which you must post #Whamageddon on social media, signifying your entry into Whamhalla. Playing the song to disturb someone else's Whamless streak is permitted.

But where did such a bizarre challenge come about from? It all started on a racing simulator forum known as GTPlanet, and their hatred of Last Christmas. A post detailed the first rules of the game, which differ from those around today by lasting to the end of the month, rather than Christmas. The tradition on GTPlanet has however changed to avoiding Mariah Carey's All I want for Christmas after the death of George Michael in 2016.

As December starts, so does the challenge: good luck folks!