“Presented by Doconomy, this year the CCFF are bringing you over 50 climate film screenings and events that will transport you to the frontlines of the climate crisis.”

Climate change has swept the nation particularly in recent years, threatening both the safety both for humans and other creatures, in land, sky and sea. Events have been held in order to express the concern for our planet’s safety, and the UK’s first film festival promoting climate action is one of them.

You could be watching the first ever screening from Pacific Quay, Glasgow, or if you are not based there, it is free to watch online, and worldwide. This way, you could either take place publicly or help spread the message from wherever in the world you live. Not only can you view from anywhere on the globe, but you will also be given the opportunity to view screenings from 30 different countries! Just a few of these nations include Mozambique, Tokelau, Nicaragua, and New Zealand.

Many different topics could take your interest, and still be suited towards the events at the Climate Crisis Film Festival. You may be interested in the media, such as how topics are represented in film, or even if you are interested in filmmaking. Otherwise, you may be searching for ways to help save our planet. A diverse range of stories will soon be open to the public, and this festival will provide the opportunity to hear the points of view from many directors.

The festival takes place live between 1st to 12th November this year in 2021! That way, you can join the festival for however many days you like. You could participate for just one day, otherwise the full experience is available for all to see.

The Climate Crisis Film Festival is family-friendly, meaning that you do not have to experience the event by yourself. Bringing along others to watch the event with you will create a further discussion, all whilst having fun and learning about how you can support the journey in creating a safer planet to live on.

After all screenings, you could potentially partake in viewing the CCFF Award Ceremony. They have teamed up with Ocean Bottle, and they are yet to present the Ocean Bottle Film award of £6000, towards the winning director. Come and watch the festival soon and sign up for further updates!

For more info: https://www.climatecrisisff.co.uk/