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Celebrities sometimes have second careers, but Gwneth Paltrow's unique scented candle makes Brett Ellis wish she'd stuck to the day job. Photos: Pixabay/Newsquest
Brett Elllis argues that the Conservative Party is forgetting one of its core values as it fails to conserve the green belt. Photos: PIxabay/Newsquest
An app that asks what's the point of, well, anything
Brett Ellis believes 'because of Covid' has become a weak excuse for some services and businesses not to do their job. Photo: Pixabay/ Newsquest
Brett Ellis argues that being a man is difficult
Brett Ellis found that many people still wanted to mention the Troubles in Belfast, even in 2020. Photos: Pixabay
Brett Ellis says billionaires Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos should spend their money solving problems on earth rather than going into space. Photos: Pixabay, PA
There was violence in Watford town centre after England lost in the Euro 202 final. Photos: Newsquest/Joseph Reaidi/PA
Suicide is among the leading causes of death in some age groups. Photos: Pixabay/Newsquest
Brett Ellis believes teaching elderly people about technology in return for life skills lessons could benefit us all. Photo: Pixabay