Debbie & Brian Pushman

Debbie & Brian Pushman

Debbie & Brian Pushman 28 November 1964. Golden Congratulations Mum & Dad, Nanny & Grandad! Sending All Our Love. Sam, Paul, George, Erin. Guy, Louise, Lola, Freddie xxxxx



  • nicole.rocheuxsays...

    Hi Debbie and Brian, Do you remeber the french girl who used to come to your place ? At the time I was living in the Bank of France and you stayed in our place in Ivry ! I I keep in my memory so many nice record with you .. So I decided to find you and I've just seen that your adress is on sale ! Where do you live now ? I'd love to know about you and Sam and Guy ! I hope you will get this message , who knows !! Lots of love from your french student (now a mom of 2 , 31 and 20 !!)
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