Faith is a big part of the lives of people in Wimbledon, and an even bigger part of the lives of people across London , and across England. Recently, people’s faith has sometimes been seen as, not a caring and inclusive part of a person’s identity, but as an reason to isolate and discriminate faith groups as the result of  violence by individuals who do not act on anyone else’s behalf.  We are all aware of the tragic Westminster attacks that occurred on the 22nd March 2017. Some of my peers and I were in fact taking part in a conference in central London, which only started minutes after the tragedy occurred. The change in London’s atmosphere was unbelievably conspicuous; commuters from Wimbledon to Waterloo appeared on edge with fear and tension, with one of the girls I travelled with referring to the tube ride as the ‘scariest journey’ she has ever faced. This is understandable, as the City was in shock and had to recover from a great loss. However, Londoners have refused to be frightened and have all continued to go to work and schooldesouet this tragic event. Here at the Ursuline and in our community of Merton we are promisingly keen on rejecting the discrimination that such events can cause. We stand by the fact that Faith is a necessary, diverse and wonderful part of what makes London, London. On the 30th of March, Ursuline students participated in our annual Faith Day. Students in Year 12 were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the meaning and beliefs of the people of different Faiths who live in our community. We all greatly appreciated and enjoyed this opportunity to learn about a different faith. One of the main things we took from this day, was that each faith must be respected and celebrated, as it is never right to take one violent incident, by one individual, and allow it to affect our view of any faith group.  Such prejudice is always  unjustifiable. It sit is so important to listen to the voices of ALL people, as if every day is faith day. By Madeleine Mamak, Ursuline High School