Twiter Instagram snap chat and the list is endless, in today society smartphones are devices to get the easy access to social media. social media has helped us stay in contact with friends and families. It has allowed us to create businesses and learn about the current affairs.  But has technology gone too far that it affects our daily lives?

Due to the development of technology our society has been revolved around social media. Instead of using a phone to call an individual we use it to check the latest feeds on social media.When travelling on public transport you see about half the number of commuters on their mobile phones, texting playing or speaking just to pass time. 

When us teenagers are scrolling down on our social media feeds the common images we see are skinny models and muscular men. Which gives us teenagers the false sense of security.  It also influences us to lose weight as we assume we are "too fat" even though we are average size. By seeing this images constantly it has made teenagers loses confidence in themselves and have a poor self-image which has lead them to have serious problems such as anorexia. 

Would you say that technology advances have gone too far? 

Carshalton High School For Girls 

Krishaana Krishnarajan