Finding that perfect balance between work and play is always hard. For some of us, we feel as though we are so overwhelmed with work that we cannot find the time for anything else. For others, motivating yourself to work instead of going shopping with friends seems nearly impossible. And what, exactly, is the perfect balance?

A good way to manage your time is to look at it from an overall perspective. It is hard to plan how much work you will do each day because you never know how you will feel on the day. So, instead, set weekly goals. Decide that you will do, for example, ten hours of work per week and then split those hours between the days. If you feel particularly tired or unwell on one day, you can always make up the hours on the next.

Another essential is to have regular five minute breaks between every 40 minutes or so of work. This is important because taking time to relax can help to solidify information that your brain has been attempting to retain. It also helps to lower levels of stress and anxiety. These five minutes should be spent doing something that benefits your mind, such as going outside or doing some exercise.

Making sure to make time in each day for family and friends is also very important. Even on the busiest of days, it is very important to stop and talk to your loved ones. They can help to lower your levels of stress and help you to see things from an outside perspective. There really is no perfect balance that you can have between work and play, but by following these steps you can ensure that you will lead a balanced lifestyle.