The UN has described it as the world’s largest humanitarian crisis since 1945. And that is far from an exaggeration. ITV News tells us that over 800,000 children and babies under 5 year olds are fighting to  survive severe malnourishment.  I don’t doubt you are aware of the devastation caused by the East Africa Crisis. Here in Wimbledon, we are just under 7,000 miles away from this overwhelmingly upsetting problem. That means that while we pop to the shops to buy our week’s food, just under 7,000 miles away, 16 million people are wondering where their next meal will come from, as we are told by Human Appeal online. That means that as we sit around the table with our family to eat our dinner, we are sitting just under 7,000 miles away from a family that has resorted to eating leaves in order to stay alive. That means that we are just under 7,000 miles away from saving lives. That 7,000 miles might sound far away, but money donated by us could easily go extremely far to help alleviate this suffering. My school the Ursuline High School, has already raised awareness to this tragedy, and run an appeal across the school at Easter to help move people in East Africa away from the brink of starvation.  We raised over £800.  I believe  there will be many more collections like this being run in and around Wimbledon. One charity which is providing an abundance of support to the victims of the famine, is CAFOD. The money from the Ursuline’s collection has gone directly to this fund.  I encourage all to support their great work. CAFOD is dedicated to helping restore health and happiness in East Africa. As CAFOD tells us, we are ‘just one world’, and so we must all work together as a community in Wimbledon, to benefit our community in the world, and the community of humanity. Madeleine Mamak, Ursuline High School