Whether you like his politics or not, no one can deny Jeremy Corbyn seems to be just about the only politician in the whole election campaign with a strand of moral dignity about them. A 'mugwump' is one of the latest insults from the Tories, with Boris Johnson dealing this particular shot to the Labour Leader. This move may appear to be a slip up, we're used to this from Johnson, but was infact for once a cunning and calculated move. The Tory rhetoric of a 'strong and stable' government, a campaign stragegy of Theresa May's used frequently, especially after the last PMQs where just about all Tory speaker's gushed out the phrase at every opportunity, is specifically catered for Corbyn. No one's exactly sure of what a 'strong and stable' Conservative government is, as the Tories haven't seen the need to release any party policies as of yet. But May's stratergy is employed time and time again to ensure that voters prefer a government of cold and cutting elitists rather than the leadership of weak, crazy leftie, Jeremy Corbyn, who actually dares campaign with some form of passion and warmth. May claims that 'even his own supporters know that he's not fit to run this country.' And with that, she lost the majority of votes from young people.

We young people, are disgusted more than anyone else by May's bullying and personal attacks on Corbyn. We expect Politics to be above the kind of behaviour which we see so often on social media and have been lectured about at school, college, university and work time and time again. Yet the Tory Party uses gutter tactics just like school bullies. Personal attacks are not acceptable in politics, and only appeal to the easily led. Corbyn has condemned the personal attacks and stated that he will not participate in such behaviour. Jeremy Corbyn is a better role model to young people than any other politician, he stands for a clean kind of politics that doesn't stoop to personal attacks and bullying.

The labour leader has been passionately proposing his ecomomic and social policies for the next general election across the country while May comfortably promotes her party by throwing insults at Corbyn and bringing up Brexit..continously..like a broken magic 8 ball stuck repeating the same answer to every question. When May was asked if she knew what a 'mugwump' was during a radio interview on the 27th of April, she responded with, 'What I recognise is, that what we need in this country is strong and stable leadership.' This bizarre response is almost an insult to the country. May thinks that she can ignore genuine questions from the public and during the PMQs about concerns over how our country will be run. While she arrogantly repeats this same unrelated and quite frankly unbelievable slogan about 'strengh and stability' until she wins the election. The Tories might think that the general British public are like a mass of brainless chickens, swallowing anything that's given to them, but us young people will no longer swallow the Tory rhetoric. We say no to a Tory government that promotes arrogance and bullying, for after all, as Theresa May once admitted herself, the Tory party is the 'Nasty party'.