Last year 41.8 million adults used the internet almost daily, and that leads us to question, how dependant are we on the World Wide Web?

People have obviously realised the potential of the internet, from communication to business, it can make some people's lives easier and more successful. Banks are also taking advantage by creating online banking, meaning actual banking building are because almost unnecessary in our technology advancing world, which could lead to future unemployment. However some of the richest companies in the world are internet based, such as Google and Amazon, and are always rapidly increasing and these expansions have led to more and more employment opportunities.

In our current times technology is at the front lines of our future, and so we will inevitably become more reliant on internet communications, which may not necessarily be a bad idea. It's fast and easy to use, and people need not spend money on stamps and envelopes like they had before. Almost every office in any city will have some sort of cyber communication, which has led to faster and more efficient work rates, as well as managing to keep track of many documents that could take hours to find physically.

Apps are also taking major place in new medical techniques, with epileptic wristbands linking to tablets and mobile phones, as well as heart rates being recorded and sent to doctors and so computers are also helping our health.

Are we all caught in the web that is the internet? Or our we simply evolving with the times?

Hannah Laffan - Coloma Convent Girls' School