Better than Harry Potter?


Is there a book out there that involves magic, adventure and could possibly replace Harry Potter? “Demons and thieves” is the first book from the seven keys trilogy written by Lynda Berger. The book is about a troubled teenager Tad Bailey who’s problems were due to the ‘Shadows’- dark, invisible forces which have been playing with his life: causing him pain, stealing his hope, destroying any chance of happiness. Only the Seven Keys can give him the power to defeat them, but they must be won in a deadly challenge beyond the Gate, the entrance to a secret and highly dangerous universe. Tad has just twelve hours to win the first three Keys or he will never see his own world again. And there are others trapped behind the Gate, who will do anything to return home in his place.

This book has gained a lot of spectacular reviews from several sources such as Elliot Grove- British Independent Film Awards, “A gripping and thrilling page-turner which twists and turns from beginning to end” and from G.P Taylor-New York Times best-selling author of Shadowmancer and Mariah Mundi, “Kids need stories with demons, thieves and mad magicians. The adventures of Tad Bailey in The Seven Keys Trilogy will certainly supply all that and more. It will transport children into a magical world of adventure where the ultimate sacrifice could even be life itself.”

Will this book be the new face of mystery and magic? Well you will have to read it to find out!