A new clothing brand, Missionary, is set to be launched worldwide which originates in South – West London.

Missionary, specialising in streetwear, is exclusively launching three t shirts in their first collection consisting of a photographic print, and illustration print and an embroidered logo; which can be found at www.missionary.eu prior to the release. Missionary have announced that 25% of all profits will be given away to the charity: Save the Children, and is said will be specifically spent on aid work in Liberia, which is a great intention for a start-up company and is not seen too often.

An ambassador for the start-up company, Tom Rufford, was asked whether the 25% of profits donated will be maintained in future collections in which he responded ‘As long as the company maintains substantial capital to grow and expand Missionary Clothing I and the rest of the team would love to keep the baseline of 25% and maybe one day increase this if possible.’

However, Missionary is not the first clothes company to give profits to charity or improve other people’s lives in other ways, American Apparel for example, has done many charitable things in the past such as donating 5000 pairs of socks to Haiti in 2010 and selling a limited edition ‘immigration – integration’ T shirt where 20% of the T – Shirt’s sales would go to support the New Americans Opportunity Fund which supports non-profit organisations that help with residency programs for immigrants in the US. These generous actions are to name but a few, however they come with a cost: much higher prices which many complain are atrociously high, which paying high wages for clothes to be manufactured in the US and it’s charitable endeavours are to blame.


Zak Stucke, Hampton School