The Final Article



When thinking of an idea for this final article as part of the ‘my thoughts’ series I was struggling because I wanted it to be something worth reading, but also something that could end the series cathartically and in a way I thought suitable.


Voice has so many different ways of being expressed. Writing these articles has been an instrument for me and tool to channel my thoughts. Everybody needs a release for all the pent of anger, anxiety, and stress that life has to offer, and writing these articles has been a real help for me and opportunity that I am proud to have taken up. Thank you to everyone who supported me whether it was encouragement or simply reading my ideas. The deadlines at the end of each month encouraged me to write something I wouldn't otherwise have written because I would have just been caught up in the stress of school life. Having something to work towards has made me think so much about issues that a year ago I might not have even voiced my opinion on because I would have been scared of the backlash. Not just in these articles do I say what I think but also in real life. I am not afraid anymore to challenge what is handed to me or I have been told is what is done. 


If you have something to say you need to say it. When it comes to justice even if that justice isn’t the popular opinion. Heroes and Villains aren’t that different, they are both fighting for what they believe in. Not everyone is always going to agree with you, or like you and your opinions. But it is important to have them because opinions are what make us and our identities. Opinions change, mould the way we see things, the way people see us, our actions. You have to be both a good and bad person in the eyes of others when you are doing the necessary. 


Change never occurred because someone said something everyone agreed with. Controversy is the best policy if it is helping and evolving people's way of thinking. I hope I have contributed to change whether it has been helping people realize a fault within themselves, or a goodness within themselves, or a relatable experience to show they aren't alone.


It would be nice if people did read my writing, but even if they don’t, that is okay because I still wrote them and had those ideas- the number of reads I get doesn’t validate my writing as something to be proud of, I already am proud of this accomplishment.


Thanks to those who did take time to read, your responses kept me going. I hope something I have written stays with someone and helps them and changes them even in the smallest of ways.

I had an opportunity and I took it, you should too.

There are thousands of words left to be written. Make some of them your own...


Anya Barker


Coloma Convent Girls’ Sixth Form


The final thought of the ‘my thought’ series.