Today, most sixth formers and universities judge students by the seemingly all important letters next to their names. These letters which were once just part of the alphabet for these students have now become the most threatening and overshadowing part of their education. Most students seem to be “learning” for the sake of grades. As a student, I decided to ask my own friends whether they learnt for pleasure/ their own enrichment or for the need of good grades. The overwhelming response I got can be summed up in one student’s (Lily Davidson’s) very succinct words- ‘Why would I bother if there were no exams or grades? Grades are what gets you admissions and jobs everywhere.’ This clear and decisive answer led me to question myself. I found that not only was what my friend saying true, I learnt that over the years the true essence and spirit of learning had been lost. Today we learn for the sake of A*’s and C’s not for the enjoyment of school and learning.


If we learn for the sake of grades and not for ourselves then what is the guarantee that after the exams we will retain the information we learnt for the purposes of the exam?


According to me the worst part of the grading system is the fact that most universities will judge students based on their ability of gaining high grades. The students’ CV’s and/or personal statements will be read later and will have a lower weightage than the grades. This shows that today a person’s value is equated to the grades they achieve/ don’t achieve.