Being rich, the dream of many is often seen as the gateway to heaven and the beginning of a peaceful and somewhat indolent life. When asked how they give back to the community, many people start their answers with ‘If I were richer I would donate money to charity monthly’ or ‘If I were richer I would volunteer at the local care home’. Why do you have to be rich to help society? For many people in LEDC’s even the western hemispheres idea of poverty is a richness beyond their imaginations, for them even that £1 a month is a gift from God. I completely empathize with people who are not in the best of positions financially. However, I believe that time is a liberty afforded to even the poorest and therefore donating some of that in volunteering or helping in a charity back office can do no harm to the benefactor.


Financial issues cannot be used as an excuse to not give back to the community. If anything, I believe that experiencing adverse situations should spur you to offer someone else you shoulder to lean on. So, I guess what I am really trying to say is, why wait until your richer? The day you wait for could never come, at the end you would realise that you have wasted so much of your time pining after what was never to be. So appreciate what you have today and always know that someone out there has far less than you, your poverty is always going to be a world of wealth for someone else.