For roughly the past month now there has been a major hype around the show ’13 Reasons Why’. This show presents the ugly reality called suicide. ’13 Reasons Why’ is about a young girl Hannah Baker who commits suicide due to (as suggested by the title) 13 reasons. In a world where the highest claimer of young female lives is suicide does this show glorify the suicide solution rather than condemn it? Seemingly so. With many teens around the world pining for Hanna Baker, and many also empathizing with her, the show seems to say that suicide is okay if you have enough reasons to do so. Whilst writing this article I was tagged in a ’13 Reasons Why’ post on social media by a friend. The friend (who wished to remain anonymous) commented ‘Look I have 12.5 reasons (number of subjects she is taking for GCSE’s) to commit suicide, I just need that half more (crying with laughter face emoji at the end).’ At this point I realized that the topic of suicide had started being too lightly and almost flippantly. The whole point of this series should be to highlight how the “13 Reasons Why” she committed suicide can be solved and how her suicide was unnecessary, instead the show seems to promote running away from problems. The lasting impact of this on young teenage minds could be , and as I am seeing is, extremely significant and sends out the wrong message. I am glad to see though that the New Zealand censor board seems to have taken my advice and has issued a completely new rating for the show, saying it can only be watched with an adult if you are under 18.