Tensions between the superpowers Russia and the USA are as powerful as ever. The Cold War was an event that lasted 44 years. We are close to reviving it.

One of the events of the Cold War was the Cuban Missile Crisis. In this, there was a strong tension between Russia and the USA because they were both afraid that the other would attack them. Russia was also supplying Cuba with missiles which made President Kennedy fear an attack. A similar event is happening now in 2017.  Russia is currently supplying Syria with weapons and President Trump appears to be worried about a possible attack.

However, tensions may be stronger now due to Trump’s latest intervention in Afghanistan. His administration dropped a ten-tonne Massive Ordinance Air Blast (sometimes known as the Mother of All Bombs) bomb in Achin, Afghanistan. This bomb had a blast radius of a mile so many innocent people would have died. As Putin is attempting to ally with Afghanistan and Pakistan, Russia would feel compelled to fight back. Another World War may be in the making.

Trump has also conducted air strikes on a Syrian military base. Although many Americans were upset by Trump’s actions, he stated that he was “representing the world”. He was later attacked through Twitter comments after posting a tweet congratulating the people involved. Opponents made comments such as “This isn't a game. Human lives were lost and you're congratulating people for killing civilians?” It is safe to say that some people dislike Trump’s current actions as President.

The Cold War was mostly between Russia and the USA. However, if another war was to happen, the whole world would be involved. Russia would possibly join forces with North Korea, China and other Asian countries, whereas the USA would join with European countries such as Great Britain, France and Germany. The trigger action for the war is unknown at this point in time but when it occurs, the entire world will be dragged into a battle.

Another war is almost certain. It will happen; whether in a month, a year, or even a decade. We have got to be prepared.