A new takeaway restaurant has opened on Wanstead high street in the form of a Domino's pizza chain. This will be the second pizza takeaway place on the high street with Papa John's situated further down near  Snaresbrook station.

Domino's has opened in place of where Chinese takeaway Dun Huang was previously, on the corner of the high street near to Wanstead station.

In celebration of the new chain opening, Domino's had been handing out free pizza to Wanstead locals over the past week, if a customer came in and provided their postcode they would then receive a free box of delicious pizza.

Grace, 17, a Wanstead resident was a recipient of this free pizza.

"I thought that was a really good idea," she said. "There was a really long queue, it drew a lot of attention, I was one of the last people to receive a free box. The pizza itself was great as well."

Domino's made headlines recently also for their proposed idea of having robots to deliver pizza right to your door. The robots have been named 'Domi-No-Drivers' due to the fact they work without a driver needed. The robots will then be able to find exactly where you are using your location on your smart phone and deliver the pizza more efficiently and faster than your average driver. The 'Domi-No-Driver' is expected to benefit in other ways than being faster, it is also said to carry four times the amount of pizzas that a people driven vehicle could.

With the opening of the new Domino's, Wanstead could perhaps be seeing the future at their doorstep sooner than expected!