You won’t pass- it’s not in your genes.

Do you ever feel like that no matter how hard you try, you will never get that A? You have most likely been told, so what if you didn’t get the grade you want this time? , if you work harder next time you can definitely get that much-awaited A. That suggests that we never put in any effort into our exams. I for one am tired of hearing this over and over again. Well I’ve got some news for my fellow sufferers who are soldiers in the gruesome, cut- throat battle of exams.

Exams don’t actually matter.

You might have also heard that general exams and small unit tests don’t matter too much, it’s the big ones (GCSE’s or A-levels) that count. Well they don’t matter either. Before you start going off about how they can decide our life and how whatever I’m saying is utter nonsense, I’m talking about the stress side of exams so you can calm down. I read recently an article in the Spectator, where they talk about genetics and education. Apparently it says in this particular piece that scientific studies show that not only is the environment around us responsible for an individual’s intelligence but genes and inheritance also are a massive factor when it comes to your intelligence. To put it simply, if your parents are smart then most likely you will be smart too.

I’m not saying that this is a definite theory but it does make a little sense. For example I’m pretty sure that we all have that one classmate that doesn’t do nearly as enough work as you or put in a lot of effort yet they still manage to beat you in tests.

Also I have friends who are really smart and their parents went to university and got degrees. These people however could be anomalies but who knows.

What I get out of all of this is that we shouldn’t revise or try hard when it comes to learning because if our parents are not geniuses then we will probably fail.


We must still try because there are people out there who are succeeding even though they don’t have the highest IQ. I disagree that IQ defines us as a person, you can be intelligent in many different ways, for example, people smart, academic smart etc. If you aren’t gifted then don’t worry, don’t stress out. If you decide to believe that genetics are everything the at least you don’t have to completely blame yourself if you don’t get the grade you want. Study but don’t have a panic attack because the stress will definitely affect you in the long run.

By Aparajita Kabir- Langley Park School for Girls.