Tonight Halloween draws to a close but recently the spectacle surrounding the 'killer clowns' has been on everyone’s minds. Who are they? What is there purpose?

Grania Mann a mother who has an 11 year old daughter gave her verdict on what she believes about the clowns coming up to Halloween, ‘I am slightly anxious about Maddy going out trick or treating, she has told me she is scared and so she should be – they are petrifying!’ These killer clowns have infected a feeling of concern and fearfulness among adults and their children. The corrupt craze has spread from the United States over to the UK and has caused police to be attentive and make sure people feel safe in their neighbourhoods.

This week in South London a paintball centre has offered the chance to Londoners to hunt and shoot clowns, the session will be run for the week of Halloween and are taken place in a 50-acre forest in order to identify their victims and shoot them, and hopefully will be successful in– if there are any clowns to stick around that is.