Leyton Orient face a judgement weekend as they could fall out of the Football League for the first time in 112 years.

The O’s sit bottom of the League Two table on 32 points with a minus 34 goal difference and are currently 10 points from safety.

If Hartlepool United and Cheltenham Town are to win on Friday, when Orient face Luton Town at Kenilworth Road, it will seal the east London club’s fate.

But if both do not win, Orient could be relegated on Easter Monday when they take on The Pools at Brisbane Road if the visitors take all three points.

They would not have enough points left to gain in the last three remaining fixtures to keep their Football League status.

Leyton Orient Fans Trust vice-chairman Tom Davies spoke about how the fans and himself were feeling with the weekend incoming.

He said: “I have kind of resigned myself to it. I have got a feeling if when go down at the weekend there will be a gulp in my throat.

“That will be it for Orient in the Football League for a while. Everyone has been so caught up in the financial side of things, the football had sort of came secondary.

“But it is heartbreaking. There will be some raw emotions after the match if it comes to that.

“It is going to be that sort of thing when it could shock some people as in the National League we will travel to places like Braintree and Forest Green.

“Place we have never seen before. It will sink in slowly.”

Orient have had another tough week as it was revealed staff and players once again had not been paid for a second time.

Omer Riza stated in his post-match press conference that owner Francesco Becchetti told him he would honour the players contracts, a statement that was interesting to Davies.

“That was a strange statement about the contracts,” said the LOFT member.

“He hasn’t been honouring the contracts at the moment because they haven’t been paid.

“I think it is hard to believe what he is saying. The payments have not been made and at the High Court he mentioned about playing the debts.

“Riza said he wants to believe it. I think no one believes anything he is saying.

“The atmosphere among the fans changed at the Wycombe Wanderers game and at Cambridge.

“The chants have been more clear and there have been protests happening around the ground at various points.”

On Monday, fans have decided to take it upon themselves, separate from the fans trust, to stage a protest as they all look to dress up as clowns and blow time on Becchetti’s ownership at 3:11 with whistles.

Fans have become more and more frustrated after the club received a winding-up petition on March 1 from HMRC over an unpaid tax bill believed to be around £125,000 to £250,000.

The Italian has since paid that bill but new creditors have now taken over the petition and they are due back in High Court on Monday, June 12.

When asked about his thoughts on the fan led protest Davies said: “I think people feel now there is nothing to lose. It is not just about Becchetti, the relationship with him is gone for a lot of people.

“But some people feel is it about the authorities at football because this could happen again to other clubs.

“If there is a protest on Monday, it will embarrass their competition as it is being held at one of their games.”

Ex-players such as Dean Cox and Kevin Lisbie have said Orient can thrive and build up again in the National League if Becchetti leaves.

“If Becchetti goes there is potential,” said Davies. “I think that it might take a year or two.

“There are still a lot of big teams in the conference it is a tough league.”