Wimbledon made the trip to Dover in London Division One South, and returned empty handed after a 21-6 defeat.

The match was dominated by the hosts powerful pack, which proved far too strong for the Dons.

That Wimbledon restricted Dover to two tries, the second being on 78 minutes, both scored through pushovers was to their credit.

There was also a silver lining in that two forwards, Steve May and Rob Tait, returned from injury and come through the game was also a credit.

Other positives included the increasing confidence of Rhys Morgan at scrum-half who also displayed coolness under pressure.

In the early stages, Wimbledon took a 6–0 lead with penalties from outside half Bryan Croke after 17 minutes through mistakes by the Dover forwards.

But the pressure they exerted prevented Wimbledon from mounting any meaningful attacks.

There was also some very light-touch refereeing to contend. He allowed far too much tolerance with offsides and side-entry, and with the resulting lack of possession Wimbledon were forced to defend for much of the match.

Wimbledon next play on November 23 at home to Haywards Heath with a 2.30pm start.