Crystal Palace boss Ian Holloway will be spending the new year settled at home, rather than living out of a suitcase in a hotel.

Since taking the Selhurst Park hot seat in November, Holloway has been living a nomadic life travelling from Blackpool and then taking up residence at a hotel’s pleasure.

However, two weeks’ ago the Holloway family finally moved into a new home less than an hour’s drive from Palace’s Beckenham training ground and, for more reasons than at first seem obvious, Holloway is delighted.

“It’s a relief to me, but I am more relieved for my dear wife,” he said. “She lets me live the life I need to, to be a football manager and I do my best to provide for her and our family.

“And to be settled in somewhere over Christmas and new year is equally relieving.”

Holloway added: “The hotel has been great, but you cannot escape the fact that it is an impersonal environment.

“My wife has to leave the room to let the cleaners in each week, and you never know who might walk in using a master key.”

Being settled has had a knock on effect for, not only Mrs Holloway, but also the players under Mr Holloway’s charge.

He said: “Everyone at the club has been brilliant to us and while everything has gone as smoothly as it could, the fact I am now settled can only be good for the players.”

And on this festive occasion, Holloway added: "I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone associated with Crystal Palace - the staff, fans, players, the local community a very merry Christmas and a happy new year."