Once upon a time in the East End

This Is Local London: Wild Bill director Dexter Fletcher

10:02am Wednesday 21st March 2012

The Edmonton-born former child actor discusses his debut movie with Melanie Dakin over a tuna tartare at The Groucho Club

Caine and Law in cat and mouse

This Is Local London:

10:08am Friday 23rd November 2007

There’s a certain novelty value in seeing Michael Caine do Sleuth again, especially as this time, 35 years after Anthony Shaffer’s play was first filmed, he takes the other leading role.

Offbeat comedy is worth a trip

12:30pm Wednesday 21st November 2007

The Darjeeling Limited (15) A Typically offbeat comedy from director Wes Anderson, whose previous work such as The Life Aquatic and The Royal Tenenbaums has endeared him to critics, if not a very wide audience.

Stars come out in dark fairytale

This Is Local London: Bad hair day: Michelle Pfeiffer plays the cackling old witch Lamia

6:35pm Monday 15th October 2007

Stardust (PG) American audiences didn't take to Stardust, perhaps because they don't like their fairytales to have a dark edge.

1408 (15) ***

This Is Local London:

10:16am Friday 31st August 2007

Intelligent psychological thriller that doesn’t resort to blood and gore.

Death Sentence (18) ***

This Is Local London:

10:10am Friday 31st August 2007

Tense, hard-hitting thriller which fails to deliver all it promises.

DVD - Blades of Glory (12)

This Is Local London:

3:32pm Thursday 30th August 2007

I FEEL as though I shouldn't like this movie.

Aiden: Conviction

This Is Local London:

3:32pm Thursday 30th August 2007

THEY have been called the best thing to come out of Seattle since Kurt Cobain - something which could not be further from the truth.

DVD - Inland Empire (15)

This Is Local London:

3:31pm Thursday 30th August 2007

A DAVID Lynch film is not the easiest to describe, let alone review, but here goes...

DVD - The Messengers (15)

This Is Local London:

3:30pm Thursday 30th August 2007

A FAMILY try to make a fresh start in a new home after several personal disasters.

No Reservations (PG) **

12:01am Thursday 30th August 2007

For our non-special today we present this charbroiled romance featuring a hot-headed chef and her chilled underling.

Hallam Foe (18) ****

This Is Local London:

12:01am Thursday 30th August 2007

A troubled teenager journeys to the dark side of human nature and sexuality in David Mackenzie’s tartan noir.

2 days in Paris (15) ***

This Is Local London:

1:01am Thursday 30th August 2007

At the heart of Julie Delpy’s romantic comedy dwells two relationships. The first features Marion (Delpy) and her boyfriend Jack, a New York-based couple spending the fag end of their European holiday in Paris.

Pierce’s GoldenEye for meatier roles

This Is Local London:

11:28am Wednesday 29th August 2007

Pierce Brosnan swap his tuxedo for chaps in his new film and explains to Eileen Condon why he's disappointed he was dropped as Bond.

Breach (12A) ***

This Is Local London:

10:44am Wednesday 29th August 2007

One of Hollywood's best-kept secrets is out. Chris Cooper, in his first major star billing, delivers the performance of his career in director Billy Ray's Breach.

DVD - Shooter (15)

This Is Local London:

11:17am Friday 24th August 2007

BOB Lee Swagger (Mark Wahlberg), a hugely respected marine, decides to retire and become almost a recluse when he sees his best friend blown up on active service.

DVD - The Bourne Identity/The Bourne Supremacy (12)

11:16am Friday 24th August 2007

THIS double bill of the amnesiac CIA agent has been released just in time to whet your appetite for the latest movie in the trilogy and, for anyone who missed either of the first two, it's a chance to catch up on the story so far.

DVD - The Hills Have Eyes 2 (18)

11:16am Friday 24th August 2007

TWO years after we first met the hillbilly, bloodthirsty freaks who inhabit the hills in the New Mexico desert, another group of unsuspecting folk fall foul of their cannibalistic ways.

Seraphim Falls (15) ***

This Is Local London:

4:43pm Thursday 23rd August 2007

The thirst for revenge can be unquenchable. In Seraphim Falls, a protracted chase set in the treacherous mountains and desert of mid-19th century Nevada, two men play out a life or death struggle for survival.

A-lister Matt is Bourne again

This Is Local London:

11:26am Tuesday 21st August 2007

Now star of a hugely successful spy action series, Matt Damon tells Robin Walker how Bourne has shaped his career

Knocked Up (15) ****

This Is Local London:

11:08am Tuesday 21st August 2007

Proving the gross-out comedy genre still has some mileage, Knocked Up is set to deliver summer's biggest sleeper smash.

Sum 41: Underclass Hero

This Is Local London:

9:54pm Sunday 19th August 2007

CANADIAN pop-punk rockers Sum 41 have grown up for the release of their fifth studio album and have done it in style.

Various: Now That’s What I Call Music Vol. 67

This Is Local London:

9:54pm Sunday 19th August 2007

THE biggest compilation around returns for another instalment of pop hits, indie floorfillers, urban beats and R&B stormers.

Korn: Untitled

This Is Local London:

9:53pm Sunday 19th August 2007

HANDS up who remembers nu-metal. Ah, all three of you. Did you really think wearing your baseball cap the wrong way round and having your eyebrow pierced was cool?

DVD - Mammoth (12)

This Is Local London:

9:49pm Sunday 19th August 2007

"WE HAVE an alien-possessed mammoth on the loose and if we don't stop it the government's going to kill all of us."

DVD - Gray Matters (12)

This Is Local London:

9:48pm Sunday 19th August 2007

HETEROSEXUAL males of a certain leaning who might look forward to a film where Heather Graham becomes a lesbian will be sorely disappointed here.

DVD - Miami Vice, Season 4 (15)

This Is Local London:

9:46pm Sunday 19th August 2007

THERE's nothing like a slice of Vice and the penultimate series of the cult '80s TV cop drama is worth checking out for a chuckle over many of the improbable storylines as the dynamic duo Crocket and Tubbs look to arrest failing ratings.

The Thrills: Teenager

This Is Local London:

9:26pm Sunday 19th August 2007

AFTER making two records in their spiritual home - Los Angeles - The Thrills reconvened in down-town Vancouver for their third album.

The Coral: Roots & Echoes

This Is Local London:

9:23pm Sunday 19th August 2007

AFTER the rambling Invisible Invasion, fans of The Coral's old-fashioned tunefulness will be relieved to hear Roots & Echoes is choc-a-bloc with viable hooks, dreamy harmonies and shadowy lyrics that tell of many things.

Garbage: Absolute Garbage

This Is Local London:

9:21pm Sunday 19th August 2007

FOUNDED by Nevermind producer Butch Vig and fronted by proto-emo poster girl Shirley Manson, Garbage came and went fairly swiftly having exhausted their blend of glossy rock melody, layers of grungey noise and fashionably suggestive lyrical darkness.

Wooden Wand: James & the Quiet

This Is Local London:

9:15pm Sunday 19th August 2007

BEST known for his freaked-out workouts on the edge of what's listenable, James Jackson Toth decided his new album should be something totally unexpected.

The Bourne Ultimatum (12A) ****

This Is Local London:

3:04am Thursday 16th August 2007

Never mind a 12A rating from the BBFC – such is the straight-to-the-veins adrenalin rush it delivers, Paul Greengrass’s picture ought to come with a health warning.

Eagle vs Shark (15) ***

This Is Local London:

1:17am Thursday 16th August 2007

Kiwi kookiness comes to the fore in this indie rom-com from Taika Waititi.

Copying Beethoven (12A) **

1:07am Thursday 16th August 2007

Ed Harris, a fine actor, is partial to playing great men. Having previously walked around in the shoes of artist Jackson Pollock and astronaut John Glenn, his subject here is Beethoven.

Bratz: The Movie (PG) *

This Is Local London:

1:04am Thursday 16th August 2007

Fancy spending a couple of hours in the company of squealing teenage girls? High-pitched, highly strung teenagers who, like, talk in that funny question mark language?

Surf’s Up (PG) ****

This Is Local London:

4:07am Thursday 9th August 2007

As this imaginative CG animation proves, there's yet more potential for fun in the little black-and-white waddlers.

The Walker (15) ****

This Is Local London:

3:00am Thursday 9th August 2007

The walker in question is Carter Page III (played with real grace by Woody Harrelson), a gay, dapper gent whose unofficial job is escorting the bored wives of the busy, rich and powerful male political elite of Washington DC to various social functions around the capital.

Waitress (12A) ***

This Is Local London:

2:03am Thursday 9th August 2007

This sugary confection from the late actress turned writer-director Adrienne Shelly is a resolutely upbeat romantic comedy that’s hard to dislike, despite being too saccharine for its own good.

Gere says goodbye to the sex symbol

This Is Local London: Richard Gere asks: 'How much longer can I be a sex symbol?'

11:35am Thursday 2nd August 2007

Richard Gere explains what drew him to his latest role and why he's too old to be a heartthrob Richard Gere is getting a bit long in the tooth to be a heartthrob.

The Hoax (15) ****

This Is Local London:

2:01am Thursday 2nd August 2007

A seductively smart caper based on the true story of hoaxer Clifford Irving.

Evan Almighty (PG) ***

This Is Local London: Steve Carell in Evan Almighty

1:58am Thursday 2nd August 2007

God almighty is the phrase that springs to mind about this lacklustre follow up to 2003 hit, Bruce Almighty.

Flanders (Flandres) (18) ***

12:12am Thursday 2nd August 2007

French filmmaker Bruno Dumont returns home to the more familiar territory of northern France where he made his celebrated Cannes prize-winning films La Vie de Jesus and L'Humanite.

Tales From Earthsea (PG) **

12:01am Thursday 2nd August 2007

American novelist Ursula Le Guin's sword-and-sorcery series is brought to the big screen by Japan's much-admired anime outfit.

Amy Macdonald: This Is The Life

1:59pm Thursday 26th July 2007

HERE is a prediction. Come early next year, Amy Macdonald will be BRIT nominated for best newcomer and female singer in a rise to match fellow breakthrough Scots K T Tunstall and Paolo Nutini.

Catherine Feeny: Hurricane Glass

1:58pm Thursday 26th July 2007

ORIGINALLY released through Tallgrass Records last year, Hurricane Glass is the debut album from Philadelphia-born Catherine Feeny, re-mastered for EMI label Charisma.

Ian Hunter: Shrunken Heads

1:57pm Thursday 26th July 2007

GRUMPY old man music? What a nerve to suggest such a thing, even if Hunter is approaching pensionable age.

Newton Faulkner: Hand Built By Robots

This Is Local London:

1:57pm Thursday 26th July 2007

IT has been nearly nine months since Newton Faulkner, former grunge purveyor turned melodic wordsmith, smashed on to the scene with the single UFO.

Martin Simpson: Prodigal Son

1:56pm Thursday 26th July 2007

FRAILING the banjo in waltz time brings to life Good Morning Mr Railroad Man on the latest album of folk musician extraordinary Martin Simpson, who learned the American roots song from fellow guitarist Ry Cooder.

Hidden talent Transformed

This Is Local London: Shia LeBeouf

1:00pm Thursday 26th July 2007

You may not have heard of Shia LaBeouf but you will. Few young men have made as big an impression on Hollywood as this 20-year-old star of Transformers.

Yellow carpet rolled out for Simpsons premiere

This Is Local London:

12:16pm Thursday 26th July 2007

The yellow carpet replaced a red one at last night's The Simpsons Movie star-studded premiere, held at The O2.

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