The ever popular Crystals have released another video for their growing fan base.

They have recorded a video to The Harlem Shake, an internet sensation that went viral this month.

Harlem Shake videos generally last 30 seconds and feature an excerpt from the song Harlem Shake by Baauer.

Usually a video begins with one person dancing to the song for 15 seconds, in the Crystals case it is vice captain Amie Latter, before the bass drops and everyone else gets involved doing a crazy dance.

The Crystals have form for producing hit YouTube videos. They filmed their own versions of Call Me Maybe, Gangnam Style and Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas is you.

They have had more than three million views for all their videos combined.

Claire Eglinton, vice captain of the Crystals, said: "The Harlem shake dance craze has been going viral and we have seen some great versions.

"We were at the game early on Saturday for some filming so literally spent half an hour doing our own one, it was so much fun! It was good to act a little crazy and have a giggle.

"We've had a great reaction so far, we've all been getting lots of tweets from people saying they loved it. People noticing bits I didn't even realise happened! It's great."

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