The world record holder for the most get well cards is still getting post from well wishers - 22 years after he was made better by a life-saving operation.

The eyes of the whole world were once on a young cancer patient by the name of Craig Shergold.

A world record 350m get well soon cards arrived on his Carshalton doorstep after the nine-year-old had a brain tumour diagnosed in 1989.

The cards flooded in as a result of a chain letter which was began by friends and family of Mr Shergold in order to help him get into the Guinness book of records, which he did for 1991 and 1992.

There was even a Hollywood film made about him, The Miracle of Cards, in which Love Actually star Thomas Sangster played the lead role.

Mr Shergold said: "I can remember it like it was yesterday. The cards just kept coming, we were getting five sacks a day.

"I used to get to go to Bill Wyman's (from the Rolling Stones) house and party with models, he was my best mate. I got cards from Michael Jackson and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnie told me to 'Keep on pumping'."

Former American President Bill Clinton even sent a card.

Now, aged 33, and almost 22 years to the day since his life saving operation in America, paid for by one of America's richest men John Kluge, the cards are still arriving at his old address.

Diane Haines, who lives at Mr Shergold's former home in Selby Road, said: "We have lived here for 18 years now, and they still come at Christmas wishing Craig well."

Mr Shergold, who now lives in Wallington, joked that he had been round to all the 350m homes to thank the card senders.

Former neighbour Len Dacey, 70, said: "We all used to meet up weekly and sort through the sacks of post. It was great, it really brought the community together around Craig. It definitely made him better"

Currently unemployed Mr Shergold said although he is grateful for the cards, there are other people who need help.

He said: "I have been well for over 20 years now so I don't need any more cards, but there are others that do."

"My guardian angel (Mr Kluge) died a couple of years ago, we were devastated when it happened. Hopefully there are other generous people in the world like him to help."