A mum has given birth in dramatic circumstances in the middle of a snowy car park.

Kayuen Tsai rushed to to St Helier Hospital with his pregnant wife Yuhan last week when her contractions began.

But on arrival at the hospital car park on January 21, the couple did not have to time to get out of the car before the youngsters head had appeared, and so the maternity ward had to come to them.

After giving birth the baby had to be rushed inside because the freezing temperatures meant she was at risk of hypothermia.

Mother-of-two Yuhan Tsai, from Sutton, said: "As soon as we arrived, I told my husband that the baby was coming and I couldn't walk. He went in to find a wheelchair, but then I saw the baby's head and knew that it was happening."

Doting father Mr Tsai raised the alarm at the hospital and two senior midwives, an obstetrician, an A&E consultant and a porter all rushed out into the snow-laden car park.

Gina Brockwell, a senior midwife, was one of the first on the scene.

She said: "Some babies do arrive quickly, so this sort of situation isn’t unheard of, and I'm sure that most midwives will deal with something similar in their careers. But, because of the freezing conditions, we were all very concerned about getting them into the maternity unit as soon as possible."

"Newborn babies are very sensitive to the cold, and if she had been out there much longer, she could have become hypothermic."

Midwife Michelle Whitfield , said: "This was a really remarkable moment for everyone involved. It's not something that happens every day, but with great team work and a rapid response, Yuhan and her baby were kept safe and warm. It was a wonderful thing to be a part of."

Mother Mrs Tsai is said to be doing well, and said that despite the arctic weather and unusual setting, the baby girl, who is yet to be named, is well at home with two-year-old brother Danche.

She said: "Afterwards, I felt quite relaxed about it. I knew the baby had arrived and that I had done it."