This funny little Christmas puppet attracted a lot of admirers in the town centre over the past couple of days.

The clever contraption was designed by Frenchman Barthelemy Delpech, 37, who has lived in London since he was 18 and currently resides in Clapham.

Mr Delpech’s unique invention delighted the crowds in Croydon town centre who marvelled at the tiny puppet DJ who pulls off a wide variety of dance moves.

It took him two weeks to build and has been to towns up and down the country.

He said: "I want to go to some more exotic places with my invention. It has been popular so far.

"People like to stop and have a look. I am lucky that people enjoy it. Coming up with the idea was very simple, I just had to think outside the box, now I am sitting in one.

"I love to dance and I like music. I am pretty good at knowing when the beat comes so this all helped me come up with the idea."

He added: "To do this you need like dancing. It has got better over time and I have made a lot of improvements to it. I will keep on adding to it and improving it."