Train travellers from Sutton are not as confident as other Londoners and frequently get off at the wrong station, get lost and even fall asleep and miss their stops, according to a survey.

Only a quarter of people from Sutton claimed to be confident train users when quizzed for a survey by Southern Railway.

The survey also shows 30 per cent of Sutton people have fallen asleep on the train and missed their stop, 11 per cent have got on the wrong train and 26 per cent have got off at the wrong station.

Despite people from Sutton's lack of confidence on the rails, 38 per cent of those surveyed like to use the train to get away from the capital at weekends at least every fortnight - 78 per cent of them choose to head to the seaside.

Travellers from Sutton are also among the most chivalrous on the rails with 41 per cent of people having given up their seat for someone in need.

Sutton people cited convenience, having the chance to read, being away from traffic and being able to take a nap as their main reasons for taking the train.

The research was commissioned by train provider Southern Railway. Alistair Buckle, spokesperson for the company, said: "We conducted this study as we wanted to better understand the perceptions and misconceptions Londoners have towards train travel, and highlight the need for better understanding of Southern’s Metro train network, in order to make the most of living in the capital."

In London as a whole, almost 30 per cent of those surveyed claimed to be confident, 18 per cent have fallen asleep and missed their stop and 22 per cent have got of their train at the wrong station.