A Canadian author has been plagued with emails after suffering a hilarious case of mistaken identity with a Wandsworth councillor who is due to face an investigation into his expenses next month.

Robert Morritt, who has penned more than 100 books, has been inundated with questions asking about his involvement in an expenses scandal reported on the Wandsworth Guardian website in September.

However, the stories relate to his namesake Councillor Robert Morritt, who represents East Putney ward, who was asked to explain more than £60,000 of expenses while working for the Wandsworth Conservative Group (WCG).

Coun Morritt, who denies any wrongdoing, stepped down from his council committee responsibilities in August following pressure from Wandsworth Council leader Councillor Ravi Govindia.

But this has not stopped the north American author’s friends and the public swamping his inbox and demanding to know what he has been up to.

Mr Morritt, the author, wrote in his email: “I am finding on the internet innumerable listings in
the Wandsworth Guardian and elsewhere, to some English guy who they allege has improperly taken funds.

“Now I have people asking if I am related to this man. I now use Bob Morritt.

“Most of my published work, more than a hundred books, is as Robert Morritt.

“Is there anyone over in jolly olde England who can make this councillor say he is not the author of my books, or let the public in general know that?

“A good clean living person in North America known as Robert Morritt is not related genetically or otherwise to this fellow humanoid.”

The author, a historian and musicologist, was born in Carlisle, Cumbria, and grew up in Penarth, south Wales, but now lives in St Thomas, Ontario.

Coun Morritt’s investigation began in October and is due to be completed before Christmas.