A partygoer dressed as Fred Flintstone was stuck for an hour after his arm was impaled on his front garden railings.

The 22-year-old man, who had attended a fancy dress party last night, was found this morning stuck outside his family home in plush Coombe Hill Road, near New Malden and Copse Hill in Merton.

Ambulance crews and firefighters from New Malden and Wimbledon were called at 3.19am to rescue the man, who was apparently stuck on the six-foot railings for an hour before he was found.

New Malden fire station watch manager, Mark Feaver, said: “He came home and decided to climb over the automatic gates at the front of the property.

“He slipped and his arm got impaled on the spikes on the front of the property.

“It was bad enough that the HEMS [Helicopter Emergency Medical Service] unit came out. They drugged him up and we lifted him off and he was removed.”

The man’s arm had been stabbed on the gate between his right shoulder and elbow, tearing through either the bicep or tricep muscles.

Mr Feaver added: “Apparently he was hanging there for an hour before he managed to get his mobile phone to tell his parents where he was.

“Even if he shouted no one would have heard him because it’s such a big property.”

He was described as wearing a fancy dress cave man outfit, in the style of the 1960s American cartoon character Fred Flintstone.

Flintstone was also famous for getting stuck outside of his house, where he would shout “Wilma!” during the shows closing titles sequence.