A teenage gamer went beyond the Call of Duty by camping for six days in Oxford Street to be first in line to get his hands on an eagerly anticipated release.

Sutton video game fan Taylor Pelling, 19, camped outside HMV in Oxford Street from last Wednesday until last night's midnight launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops II - although his exertions left him so tired he didn't have the energy to play it when he got home.

As a reward for his dedication, HMV and the game's developers Activision gave the Meadow Close gamer a host of presents including a copy of the game, an Xbox 360 and more.

The media student said: "It was very good - even better than I was expecting. They had this big countdown timer and then, when it reached midnight, they said the game was released and they got me and they guy who was second in the queue on stage and gave us all these goodies.

"It was really cool. There were zombies walking around everywhere and things like that.

"My plan was to play it when i got home but as soon as I got in I fell asleep!"

Staff at HMV looked after Mr Pelling while he was camping by letting him use the toilet and charge his phone and a friendly neighbour even let him and other people in the queue use a power source to plug in a television and a games console so they were able to play games in the street.

He said the worst thing about his time sleeping on the street was when his tent started leaking in heavy rain.